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very good caps
"i put a 0.025mdf bumblebee cap in my dillion flying v, i found the orange drop 716 i originally had in it too be abit too sterile and stiff sounding. replaced it with the bumblebee cap and couldnt be happier. its everything you\'d expect from a great bumblebee cap WOODY & ORGANIC. I felt i was able to hear the \"natural\" tone of the guitar better. but the TRUE beauty of bumblebee is when you roll the tone down on your guitar, it smoothed out the high end in a pleasant way while still very much retaining the sparkle and clarity. GET ONE QUICKLY. the rumor about bumblebee caps arent hype."
By Aaron
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CRL .02uf 600v NOS Ceramic Disc Tone Cap
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CRL .02uf 600v NOS Ceramic Disc Tone Cap

Product Information

Genuine NOS vinage CRL (Component Research Laboratory) .02uf 600v Ceramic Disc Tone Cap. Very popular value for your vintage Gibson or Fender project requiring .02-.022uf value capacitors. Good size for tight control cavities like 335s, SGs, Explorers, etc. Made in the USA, new and never used. Leads come dressed with vintage style waxed cloth sleeving as shown. Crisp, clean, open and detailed is how I would describe the sound of these ceramic disc caps

Price is per capacitor

Size in inches: .710" dia. x .10" thick. Leads are 1.6" long

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Price: $7.97

Product Code: CRLMAG985
In Stock: 16
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