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"Purchased the 5 way Telecaster harness to put into my new Tele and all I can say is WOW! Having the option of going to series, parallel, and out of phase has really turned this thing into a tone machine. I was actually considering changing out the pups, but after putting in Steve's rig it was like both pickups had a blanket taken off of them. Real nice clarity and that signature TWANG that Teles are known for really came through. IMHO, the Telecaster is one of the great guitars of all time, but Steve's harness made it even better. Besides, I know it has to sound wild because my 19 year old keeps trying to snatch it to go to band practice. Thanks for the great product and great communication Steve. All the best to you."
By george ryan
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Sprague Vintage 225P .047uf 100v Orange Drop Tone Caps
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Sprague Vintage 225P .047uf 100v Orange Drop Tone Caps

Product Information

Genuine vintage NOS Sprague 225p .047uf, 100vdc, 10% "Orange Drop" tone caps. These are NOT the Vishay Sprague Orange Drops available everywhere else today. These were manufactured at Sprague's original North Adams, Massachusetts factory long before Vishay bought them out. These are the famous Orange Drops that followed the Black Beauty caps after they were discontinued by Sprague in the '60s. These are the best sounding Orange Drops you can get and are the ones that the excellent reputation that Orange Drops have are built upon. I only have a limited quantity of these and once they're gone, they're gone.

Size in inches: 21/32"L x 3/16"W x 3/8"H

Price is for one capacitor.

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Price: $6.97

Product Code: SPRQO8XT5
In Stock: 50
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