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"I recently purchased a 3 way Tele harness from Steve and this was my 4th purchase to date. Previously I’ve bought Steve’s Bee Team LP harness (OMG!), some Sprague Hyrel Vitamin Q and Circle D Ceramic tone caps. I won’t go on about the superior tone and controllability that these harnesses and caps will give you because that’s the whole point of doing these mods; I would however like to praise Steve for the professional yet personal touch that he works so hard to present to his customers. Steve took the time to answer my email questions and even spent his valuable time talking with me by phone to help me figure out how to fix a bone headed mistake I made during my Bee Team installation, his installation instructions are crystal clear but I still managed to mess it up! I very much value that kind of personal touch, it smacks of old school service where the customers really are important! While I’m on the topic of old school values, I especially like how Steve builds each harness individually by hand when ordered by the customer. In this day and mindset of mass production many builders would stockpile as many items as possible and while there might not be anything wrong with this manufacturing method per se the practice of “keeping those shelves stocked” could lead to a drop in quality – Steve builds each harness by hand as it is ordered and I like that – sounds kinda like a custom shop build doesn’t it? Thanks for your great products and AAA service Steve; your efforts are appreciated! Ted Appleton Nova Scotia Canada "
By Ted Appleton
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LP Style Wiring Harness
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LP Style Wiring Harness

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Product Information

Les Paul style 50s wiring harness, short shaft default configuration. All harnesses have vintage style waxed cloth 22AWG wire, CTS 500k pots, PIO caps (K40y-9 and K42y-2 or genuine NOS USA PIO caps) w/insulated leads in your choice of either .022uf or .015uf value. These are all hand-built, on demand and as you want it configured. The model pictured has Sprague Vitamin Q, and Switchcraft Jack options.

Options include:

  • Long or short shaft CTS 500k 10% precision pots
  • RS Superpots for volume position - also long or short shaft
  • USA made, NOS paper in oil caps
  • YOUR choice of values for neck and bridge capacitor (I recommend .022uf bridge/.015uf neck)
  • Wired Switchcraft 3-way toggle with your choice of tip color (black/cream/amber)
  • Wired Switchcraft jack

All harnesses come with clear instructions and wiring diagram, and of course my guarantee and support.

Note: If you have an Asian guitar, you will likely need to enlarge the holes to 3/8" to accommodate the larger CTS pots. You will also need to replace your knobs with US, or fine-splined knobs.

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Price: $80.00

Product Options:
Asian Guitar Upgrade Kit
Bridge Cap Value
Capacitor Type
Neck Cap Value
Switch Tip Color
Tone Pot Value
Volume Pot
Wired Switchcraft Jack
Wired Switchcraft Toggle

Product Code: LP6D3IZ2
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