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Great Wiring Harness, Great Customer Service!
"I order a luxe bumblebee wiring harness from Steve which was lost in the mail. I contacted Steve and he took care if it quickly and got another sent out. Not only that, Steve went out of his way to make it up to me. He built me a new harness the very next day and upgraded me to real 50's bees! They sound killer in my R8, smoothed it right up, with a very nice taper so I can go clean to mean with my jtm45. It also sounds excellent through my champ and deluxe reverb. The next time I buy a wiring harness it will definitely be from Tundra Tone! Thanks Steve!"
By Steve H
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335 Style Luxe Bumblebee Wiring Harness Complete
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335 Style Luxe Bumblebee Wiring Harness Complete

Product Information

ES-335 or 335 style harness, complete with Luxe Repro Bumblebee Capacitors!

This Tundratone Luxe Special harness features CTS 550k spec pots for volume and tone, Genuine Luxe reproduction paper in oil Bumblebee caps w/insulated leads with .022uf bridge and neck value. Switchcraft jack and toggle switch and more. It's all you need to upgrade the electronics in your ES-335 style guitar for optimum tone.

NOTE: If you are looking for a fully configurable harness, with other options for genuine 50s Sprague Bumblebees, USA paper in oil or VitaminQ capacitors, you want this one here

Features include:

  • CTS 550k spec pots, all matched to within 10k.
  • Genuine Luxe Bumblebee reproduction PIO caps! These caps are hand-cast, hand-painted paper-in-oil reproductions handmade with NOS Paper-in-Oil capacitors and have a very warm and creamy sound, complete with that PIO "sparkle". These are the only PIO Bumblebee reproduction capacitors in the world.
  • Genuine Switchcraft toggle switch, jack and switch tip
  • Vintage style waxed cloth 22AWG wire and vintage style braided shield leads for switch and jack

Options include:

  • Choice of tip color (black/cream/amber)
  • Neck cap value (.015 or .022uf)

All harnesses come with clear instructions and wiring diagram, and of course my guarantee and support.

Note: If you have an Asian guitar, you will likely need to enlarge the holes to 3/8" to accommodate the larger CTS pots. You will also need to replace your knobs with US, or fine-splined knobs.

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Price: $149.99

Product Options:
Neck Cap Value
Switch Tip Color

Product Code: 335E5N052
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