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SG Harness
"Just got a prewired SG harness this morning. Outstanding product with excellent customer service. Will certainly use again."
By Lewis
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Stratocaster 5-Way Harness
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Stratocaster 5-Way Harness

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Product Information

Built As You Want - Stratocaster 5-Way Wiring Harness!

Introducing the fully configurable Stratocater Wiring Harness! This is our standard Stratocaster 5-way harness that is built one at a time, with the options that you choose! Pick every option from pot type to capacitor type. The only thing that doesn't change is the workmanship! Every harness is meticulously wired with the same care and attention to detail as all of our harnesses.

Built one at a time with the options that YOU want! Some standard features:

  • CTS 250k split shaft vintage style pots standard for volume and tone. Matched to within 10k of each other. These are brass shaft and brass bushing pots. Very high quality, with a nice taper and low torque. 
  • Your choice of capacitors in .022uf and .047uf. All caps are NOS from the 50s, 60s and 70s and include USA PIO, Ceramic, ITW Paper and Poly (my favorites), Vitamin Q, Russian K40y-9 or Orange Drops
  • OAK or CRL (Centralab) Switch. We stock both. They've both super quality and we'll use whichever we have most of onhand unless you have a preference. Just let us know if you do!
  • 50s style wiring! Don't lose the highs when rolling back on the volume!
  • Vintage style, genuine Gavitt waxed cloth wire - just like Leo used on the originals
  • Switchcraft mono output jack
  • The same meticulous wiring and attention to detail as all of our harnesses! 
  • Tested and guaranteed!

Options include:

  • Vintage or modern style CTS pots (modern shown in pic) in split shaft only.
  • 280k RS Superpot in volume position (upgrade fees apply)
  • Your choice of capacitors including NOS Illinois Toolworks (ITW) Paper (as shown in pic), NOS USA PIO, NOS Russian PIO, NOS ceramic, orange drops. Upgrade capacitors include 50s bees, Vitamin Q, Luxe Repro.


All harnesses come with clear instructions and one of our easy to read wiring diagram, and of course my guarantee and support!

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Price: $76.50

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Product Code: STRQF45I2
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